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2014_07_17_Daxle_409_LHi, I’m Daxle.  I help people fix their relationship with food.

What does that mean, exactly?  It means:

  • Ending your eating struggles
  • Tuning into your body’s inner wisdom
  • Getting nourished and satisfied

Here’s the story most of us tell ourselves about our relationship with food:  “I know I need to eat better.  I just can’t seem to make myself do it.  I should have more self-control.”

Here’s the problem with that: The more you try to control your eating, the more out of control you will become.  Control is an illusion and it’s always temporary.  Whether it lasts a few hours or a few years, it always comes to an end.

So my work involves helping people figure out the real reasons why they struggle with eating, which have nothing to do with willpower.  I help people to tune into their bodies to figure out what they are truly yearning for.  From there, we craft a peaceful path forward into intuitive eating.

Of course, your eating habits don’t happen in a vacuum, so we’ll probably find some other related topics to explore and work on, such as your stress levels, sleeping habits, coping skills, movement habits, and self-care practices.  It’s all part of the package.

To learn more about what I offer, I invite you to schedule an free consultation session.  No obligations or commitments, just an informal “getting to know you” chat.

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Read what others have to say about coaching with Daxle:

“I felt like I was aware of my hunger and fullness but still felt unhappy with the food choices I was making despite this. With her patience and feedback, I was able to recognize so many critical judgments I still had and begin to unravel patterns that were really effecting my life. Within a short time, I gained crucial insight into my motivations and was able to make noticeable progress towards intuitive eating and feeling more satisfaction from my food.”

“Rather than feeling overwhelmed and helpless, I now feel empowered to make healthy choices with self-compassion. I am so thankful to have found Daxle, and I can say with certainty that the time, energy, and money I have invested in her coaching services have been a worthwhile investment in myself.”

“The strides I’ve made with Daxle are things I never thought myself capable of achieving. Pushing away unfinished food because I’m full, taking a handful of chocolates and eating only 1 or 2, throwing out a dessert because it simply doesn’t taste good, not thinking about food for hours at a time, eating the thing that I want without hating myself for the next two days, and letting go of the idea that what I eat defines who I am, are things I believed were only for people with “will-power” that I didn’t possess.“

“Daxle has given me incredibly useful tools so that I don’t have to dive into a bag of chocolate and can really discover what emotion I am actually trying to feed.” 

“Overall, I am much more relaxed about food and eating, my binges are essentially gone, I feel better physically, my digestion has even improved. I highly recommend anyone struggling with food and eating issues to work with Daxle!

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